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About us


About Us

JIIPCC is first an intellectual property consulting firm that trains and helps people/companies protect and profit from their creativity and innovation, we do this through an arm of JIIPCC called Juliana Imam Intellectual Property and Creative Consult.

JIIPCC Legal is another arm of the JIIPCC Firm that caters to the legal needs of clients within and outside Nigeria, in all areas of need.

Thirdly, JIIPCC runs a quarterly Mentorship and Internship Programme, through this programme, we have trained hundreds of students, startups and young professionals across Africa. We have done this through partnerships with veteran practitioners around the world in different fields. The core areas of mentorship include: Intellectual Property, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Energy, Patent Drafting, Health Tech and Law.

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More about us....

JIIPCC offers technical support and execution services for Government Organizations, International Organizations, Multinational Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Companies that require technical partners for the execution of projects that fall within our scope of training services and areas of competence.

JIIPCC Entertainment and Media is responsible for initiating, providing and supporting entertainment and media projects of clients.

JIIPCC JESUS is the outreach arm of the Firm responsible for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to people through the sharing of the word of God, music, prayer and giving.

A deep commitment to excellence

Our Team

Juliana Owajimam Oboh-Joseph (Juliana Imam)


Uche Ibiam George

Head of Litigation

Oboh Joseph


Hussain Isah Mahadi

Assistant Programme Officer

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