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About us


About Us

JIIPCC is an academic, consulting, and legal Firm dedicated to delivering specialized services to students, clients, and partners worldwide. At JIIPCC, we train, impact, and transform lives, actively preparing and positioning Africans for the future. Guided by Kingdom principles, JIIPCC is deeply committed to upholding corporate social responsibility through robust mentorship programs, community outreach, and diverse developmental initiatives.

VISION: EMPOWERING AFRICA FOR THE FUTURE: We strive to cultivate a globally competitive Africa, where empowered individuals, shaped through personalized training, impactful interventions, and transformative experiences, collectively contribute to a future of excellence, creativity, and innovation.

MISSION: Our mission is to empower Africa for global competitiveness through individualized training, impactful interventions, and transformative experiences, shaping lives one person at a time.

Other Companies

  • JIIPCC Legal
  • JIIPCC Academy
  • Juliana Imam Intellectual Property and Creative Consult (JIIPCC)

Our Core Values

Our CORE VALUES, encapsulated in the acronym T.I.S.C, are the bedrock of our organizational ethos:

  • T - Trust in God: Anchored in faith, we navigate challenges with unwavering trust.
  • I - Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct in all endeavors.
  • S - Service: Committed to serving our students, clients, partners, and communities with excellence.
  • C - Courage: Embracing boldness and innovation to drive positive change and impact.
At JIIPCC, we stand at the forefront of global excellence, driven by a passion for transformative impact and a dedication to shaping a future where Africans thrive on the international stage.

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